Leading High Impact Teams: The Coach Approach to Peak Performance
by Rachael Lewis and Cynder Niemela


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Voted one of the Top 10 business books of 2001!

When you read this book you . . .

  • Learn what it takes to build and lead a High Impact Team.

  • Read real stories of how other team leaders developed their High Impact Teams.

  • Get practical examples and activities for working through the normal ups and downs of team projects.

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Praise for This Book

"The most comprehensive and practical book I've read in more than twenty years of working with teams."—Marcia Reynolds, MA, M.Ed., MCC, Author of Being In the Zone and Capture the Rapture, Past President, International Coach Federation

"This is a terrific primer for all team leaders. You should always have this book with you. I know how hard it is to keep my teams functioning all the time and I'm going to use this to keep them firing at 100%."—Mark Keough, Vice President Monster Learning, monster.com


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