Business results through Human Evolution


Trilogy Coaching is dedicated to helping individuals and teams thrive. We have a proven record for developing managers into leaders and transforming project and leadership groups into high performing teams. We help people make a difference.

Founded in 1998, we come from a background of leadership experience in organizational growth and turnaround with geographically dispersed teams in global companies. Our primary focus is to help people thrive at work and in life by providing practical and humanistic coaching, consulting tools and resources.

Companies contact us because their business is changing, has changed, or needs to change—and the old skills of their leaders and teams hinder their ability to execute new strategies. Sales might be in a slump. Innovation is slower than it could be. Teams are bickering . . . and HR is too busy with employee relations issues. Lost opportunities to increase productivity are costing the company.

Individuals seek us for coaching to develop new skills or to overcome limiting behaviors and habits that are getting them in trouble. Others want a career transition, or to hedge the odds in their favor when promoted to a new role. The good and the greatest athletes, musicians, and professionals have a coach—you deserve one, too, so you can feel like a champion in your own life!

Our Clients typically include . . .

  • Executives and Managers
  • Project, Virtual, and Leadership Teams
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Organizations

We specialize in . . .

  • Corporate Coaching
  • Team Retreats
  • High Performance Team Development
  • Consulting to Implement Internal Coaching Programs
  • Leadership Development and Intervention
  • Performance Management/360 Degree Feedback Programs
  • Improving Talent Selection and Retention

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